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pathbreaking projects:

Germany, üstra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebs AG

Tran-SYS delivered a new training system for dispatchers of the German company üstra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebs AG in order to complete the renewal program of their train control system. Üstra is now using an entirely independent training system which is based on the operations and interlocking simulation BEST. The entire management is trained for the signal-secured tunnel section of the city railroad network by using BEST.

BEST enables üstra to train all features of its train control system including extensive fault and error simulation. By that, the dispatchers are able to train operational as well as technical faults safely and therefore will be well prepared for all situations which occur in real operations.

Belgium, Infrabel

Infrabel, as the operator of the railway infrastructure in Belgium, is planning to secure the controlling and monitoring of its railroad network by 31 rail traffic signalling control centres using electronic workstations (EBP) at the operator’s disposal. Infrabel placed an order to Tran-SYS to develop a simulation system for the training and qualification of the corresponding operators.

The most important characteristics of the system being developed are:

  • Simulation of all interlocking features
  • Train run simulation using real driving dynamics
  • Timetable simulation
  • Extended features, time and incident controlled functions
  • Automatic configuration of the user interface
  • Retrieving data from other systems like topography systems and interlocking systems generated by the system “Infrastructure Database Infrabel Graffiti”.

Finally the staff training is planned to be done at 45 simulator sets in total.

Switzerland, Transtec Gotthard

In 2007 the consortium Transtec Gotthard was awarded the contract to implement modern railway technology on the 57 km long Gotthard Base tunnel. This tunnel is the longest railway tunnel in the world and was commissioned in June 2016. In order to be in line with regulatory rules the tunnel operator has to provide a comprehensive simulation system for staff training purposes, which also considers the features of the tunnel security system. 

Tran-SYS has received the order to develop and deliver this training system for all dispatchers which includes the simulation of the following items:

  • User interface ILTIS
  • Interlockings
  • Trains
  • Timetable operations
  • Train number notification
  • Simulation of automatic train control
  • ETCS Level 2
  • Tunnel automatic (System for emergency handling).