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Modern interlocking systems and control centres combine technology, operation, and control. This centralisation of safety and control technology places increasingly higher demands on train controllers and dispatchers. Qualified training of operating personnel is a major prerequisite for a safe and smooth operation. Tran-SYS - in co-operation with Scheidt & Bachmann System Technik GmbH - offer the BEST operations and interlocking simulation, a system able to satisfy these constantly increasing training requirements on a long-term basis.

Thanks to its realistic and detailed simulation approach – which is practically a micro simulation - BEST is not only used for training purposes but also optimises the planning of line sections and interlockings. It is used for the specification of new interlocking systems, for the design of new user interfaces and for testing throughout the entire development process. BEST allows a comprehensive evaluation of the present or future infrastructure and the related timetable. A useful extension of BEST is called STS – Station Technology Simulator. The train movements, interlocking elements, and user interface elements are simulated in great detail. 

Trains run according to their timetable, based on their individually calculated dynamics and of course according to the actual state of the signals. The sophisticated simulation calculates the motions of all trains every second achieving an accuracy to the meter and also considers the gradient rate of the railway track. The calculation is based on locomotive and wagon data stored in a detailed vehicle database. Our highly developed vehicle and infrastructure database is also the platform for another sophisticated tool - TAKT, Tran-SYS planning system for the design and development of conflict-free timetables.